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BI Implementation - Memo

April 18, 2015 by Monica Gonzalez

Upon analyzing the data from three different Business intelligence case studies, related to Non-Profits organization, I have concluded that the implementation of BI solutions has worked with the non-profit by working with their specific needs. It has been taking into account their financial and technological restraints. By implementing a thorough assessment, the projects cost and risk can be justified by their benefits.

  1.  On the case of the Non-Profit LSS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) the BI solution identified the challenges and designed a report architecture with the features of scalable and extensible. Also with the feature of dynamic reports and “user first” in mind. On the project solution Xtivia BI, concluded that flexibility and easy implementation were a key for their success of the project. Also, the project made intelligence available to the user when the business needed it the most.

  2.   On the case the Non-Profit LPGA (ladies Professional Golf association) Logi Analytics understood the challenge presented by LPGA. On the assessment and infrastructure evaluation, Logi Analytics concluded that LPGA content management system (CRM) was not updated and had missing data with many static pdf reports. The information and database existed but was not necessarily updated. The solution of the Logi Analytics was to centralize the software and used Logi software for the Online Media Center. Featuring ease and speed of development and also the ability to embed the report inside of share point. Now the media member had complete access and information to their players with an increase on membership.

  3.   On the case of the Boston College University Libraries Logi Analytics understood the technological challenge of combining information to many different devices owned by students and used to access the library content. On the assessment and infrastructure evaluation of the challenge presented Logi Analytics saw the need to have one unifying or neutral BI platform that could use by any platform. The solution implement by Logi Analytics was to use Logi Mobile because it was easy to implement and had strong features on distributing information. With the completion of the project students can access library services from anywhere.

These business cases are great examples of how you can use the development steps of a business intelligence project. However, you need to have in mind that all businesses are different and have different needs and constraints. Even in the same industry you can see that they have different needs for they business and the result after BI implementation are different in each case. You can’t use the “one size fits all” approach. The point of Business Intelligence is to be specific to the business in hand.

Please do no copy....... Use this as a guide to produce your own BI Implementation Memo.

Business Intelligence Case Studies

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Non Profit Organization

  1. LSS funds life saving cancer research around the world.
  2. BI consulting services- Xtivia enterprise technology solutions & services.
  3. Challenge- Lack of resources.
  4. Ladies Professional Golf Association – Non Profit Organization

LPGA is the world’s leading professional golf association for woman.

  1. BI consulting services- Logi Analytics
  2. Challenge – Needed to improve Online Media Center to provide reporters immediate access to player and tournament statistics.

Boston College University Libraries – Non Profit Organization

    Boston College University Libraries offers strong and relevant collections and programs to the institution’s more than 14,000 students.
  • BI consulting services- Logi Analytics
  • Challenge – Technological challenge of combining information to many different devices.
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