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Red Skies - After Life

These are real events that happened to my family in Brazil. However, if ghost exist or even the power to see our own future is something that science has not found proved yet. June 30, 1982 by Monica Gonzalez
I ran down the stairs, I was so exited, today is the last day of school and winter recess stars as soon as I step foot out of the school.
I had an awful night with my brother who has been sick all week, but I didn’t want to think of that. All I wanted to do was get through the school day. I choose my new red sweater and khaki pants to wear so I could leave in style.
I was on cloud nine and ready for my vacation to begin. That night, after my father got out of work, we were on our way home when in the blink of an eye, I felt everything slow down, my vision, my hearing, I felt as if I was in slow motion. I felt as if I was flying through the air and when I looked outside the car window I saw nothing but red skies. Everything had a reddish hue to it and I was confused.
The night was a dark blood red, the clouds and the moon were red and it beamed on every object in a reddish light. When I looked back in the car it seemed as if the car was floating home and I thought we were almost home. My brother who was sitting next to me stopped playing with his cars and was just sitting still, my mother and father were just sitting staring straight ahead not saying a word.
I could not hear a sound, not the humming of the engine or the sound of the traffic. It wasn’t like I was deaf there was just no sound. We were alone on a road that was normally busy and I felt strange. Then everything stopped and I had this feeling where I was pulled from the back of the car, as if a rope was tied around my chest and I was violently sucked out of the back of the car and it felt as if I was going in reverse.
Then I woke up and all I could see was smoke. I saw my brother covered in blood motionless, my father and mother were both unconscious. I saw a small opening in the Volkswagen Brasilia, which felt smaller than normal. I crawled out stood up and realized that I was in the middle of the road I was disoriented and could not see straight. I saw a group of people and I made my way over to them, they had pale faces and were just staring straight ahead.
I asked an older woman where I was she responded with out looking at me, you don’t belong here go away before the skies change. I was confused and I asked her what she meant, she continued to look straight ahead and repeated, “go away before the skies change.” When I went to ask her again she looked at me and yelled in a distorted voice,

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17 January,2015

What a great story! It was interesting to see a different look into near death experiences. The story was so descriptive and what a scary ending. I really look forward to more. Reply


8 January 2015

I agree this story was scary and exceptionally peculiar. The ending gave me chills and I felt like this is what almost dying must be like Reply