Database Fundamentals

Entities Attributes and Relationships, Dependency, Primary Keys, Data Types, Normalization and Diagrams for Database Design


Week 1 & Week 2

September 2, 2016 by Monica Gonzalez

Relational Databases is a collection of tables. These tables are call Relations.


  • In the Departments table, Dept_Id is the primary key. In the Employee table, Dept_Id is called a foreign key. A foreign key is a column in one table that references a primary key in another table. The column can contain duplicate values. Along the line connecting the two tables, the 1 and 8 symbol indicate a one-to-many relationship. A particular Dept_Id (such as 4) occurs only once in the Departments table, but it can appear many times (or not at all) in the Employee table. At first, we will work with one table at a time. Later, we will show how to pull information from two related tables. (Gaddis 169)

  • Student Registration Database Example

    Check and compare with your own database and analyze the relationship between tables(Entities)


    How to write a table

    1. First write the name of the table
    2. Within the parentheses write all the collumns of the table
    3. Underline the primary Key

    Let's write the STUDENT TABLE

    STUDENT(Student_ID, Salutation,First_Name, Last_Name, Street_Adress, ZIP(FK), Phone, Employee, Registration_Date, Created_By, Created_Date,Modified_by, Modified_date);

    Student_ID should be Underline because is a primary key

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